Jena's Priorities

As our next Superintendent, Jena's top priorities are...

Keeping Public Dollars in our Public Schools

Our kids are not for sale and our schools are not for sale. Jena believes wholeheartedly that our public dollars should remain in our public schools and that all Oklahomans are entitled to a quality education. Taking more money out of our already chronically underfunded public schools will do tremendous harm.

Stopping and Reversing Teacher Flight

Oklahoma is experiencing an unprecedented loss of educators, not just to better paying states, but also to other professions. Jena’s top priority will be ending and reversing teacher flight by paying these professionals like professionals, reducing the clutter of endless new mandates, and letting our educators do what they do best: teach our kids.

Improving Student Mental Health

Our state has the fifth highest number of students who have experienced traumatic adverse childhood experiences. That’s why Jena will make sure all schools have a counselor with mental health training. Jena wants our kids to feel welcome, safe, and loved. She will make sure that our kids know that their State Superintendent has their back.

Protecting our Rural Schools & Communities

Everyone talks about how essential public schools are to our rural communities, but no one talks about how our public schools can actually help revitalize these communities. Our kids deserve 21st century schools, where they can get the skills they need to thrive in our ever-changing 21st century world. Jena will work diligently to get broadband internet to every rural school and community.