Jena Nelson Responds to Walters' Call to Remove Educator’s Teaching License

August 31, 2022
1 min read

The structure of HB1775 is full of ambiguity and this situation is just one example of how vague this education legislation is in practice. With teachers — myself included — back in the classroom, it is urgent that we address these ambiguities and implement due process and clear protocols for our school districts and educators.

Oklahoma schools, teachers and students need dedicated support that actually addresses actual problems and strengthens our education policies. Instead, they are subjected to constant, often false, political attacks designed by Sec. Walters to distract us from the real challenges Oklahoma education faces, including ranking 47th in the nation.

My life’s work has been dedicated to helping Oklahoma’s K-12 students reach their potential while Ryan Walters is scheming with his billionaire funders to dismantle public education across the state. If he succeeds, our already struggling school system will be gutted, our classrooms will be without qualified teachers and generations of our children will needlessly suffer.

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